Emirates Gift Store

A promising platform for sellers, producers, and suppliers in the United Arab Emirates flower and gift industries that is run by an Emirati enterprise that offers unique gift products and designs. Through this project, we hope to remove barriers and provide simple access to all stakeholders, including the vendor and the buyer, as well as the sender and receiver of the gift, through this project.

And that is through one comprehensive, concise, and easy platform so that it serves the desired purpose easily and easily for all parties. Through the project, we seek to gather a number of professional sellers who are distinguished in providing services that have been verified and who practice their commercial activities.

It is not a project directed at amateurs or freelancers but rather targets licensees and those who practice their activities in this field on the ground.

In addition to its self-services, the site also targets sellers: florists, gift sellers, and coordinators of flowers and gifts, who have sufficient dynamism in the periodic and continuous updating of products and their presentation in a professional manner that takes into account the controls and sizes of images. On the ground: providing logistics related to the delivery process within the city and dealing with that quickly and professionally meets the aspirations of customers throughout the country and abroad.

In our store, the service is provided by multiple sellers, each of whom covers the region/emirate in which the seller’s shop is located, knowing that the seller is not approved until after verifying his activity and presence on the ground.

Moreover, the ُEmirates Gift Store It acts as a financial intermediary between the seller and the merchant, as the funds are not transferred to the seller’s account until 7 days after the purchase, allowing the customer to verify that the order was properly prepared and delivered. We will refund the customer’s money if the merchant encounters any obstacles that prevent him from performing his duties.