– Terms of Service –

The terms of service below answer all questions related to the service, the mechanism of processing and delivery, communication with the recipient, the duration of processing and delivery, and more. Please read it carefully to understand the method of workflow.


1. Processing and delivery times, divided in general into two periods during the day, morning and evening, starting from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

2- All prices shown include delivery charges.

3- Online payment guarantees the buyer his right, as the full amount will be refunded to him if the order cannot be delivered by the seller for any circumstance.


4- The recipient’s personal mobile number is the (only) way to deliver gifts and flower bouquets to him, and he cannot be contacted by any other means or methods.

5- The delivery of the request is subject to the recipient’s response (in person) to his mobile phone, and it is forbidden for the applicant to communicate with the driver to direct him. The applicant is not entitled to ask the driver to exit to the recipient’s place without prior coordination.

6- In the event that the order cannot be delivered for any reason beyond our control (such as not responding to communications), we will give the recipient a period of 24 hours, and if the deadline has passed, the buyer is not entitled to cancel and refund the money. However, during this period, he may request delivery of the order to him or to another recipient within the scope of the delivery area.

7- In cases of emergency cancellation, the process of processing the refund of funds for the card takes five working days.. and sometimes the period reaches 15 days until the amount appears in the balance of the card used for the purchase or in your bank account, knowing that – in most cases – you will not receive a message / notification from the bank in that case.

8- The recipient has the right to know who sent the gift to him – when asked – and we cannot ignore his questions or prevent him from knowing the sender’s name or phone number.

10- Additional gifts with flower requests are provided as possible after coordination with the seller.

11- The store is not responsible and is not a party to any agreement or payment process that is not made online through the store.


12- Sometimes there may be a difference – beyond our control – in the appearance or design, or a change in the color of some bouquets, or a difference in the shape of the vases if the ones shown in the picture are not available. The criterion is the scale and the implementation of the idea itself.

13- Packaging materials, thickness, and color are according to what is available at the time of order and not as it appears in the display pictures. As well as the colors of the boxes, the standard is to meet the size and quantity of flowers.

14- The customer has the right to request a snapshot of the final form of his order.

15- The customer does not have the right to object to the condition of the roses or the balloon (old roses and in poor or weak condition), except in the case in which the order is at the time of delivery only. Other than that, he is under his own responsibility.. The roses and the balloon each have a certain default life and increase according to care, taking into account the appropriate conditions of preservation.

16- We are keen on the speed of delivery of orders, so the recipient is contacted in order to coordinate the delivery process early, to avoid any possible delay for any emergency reason beyond our control.

17- The store is not liable for any default by any of the service providers or delivery agents; the defaulting party bears all consequences of his default; the store’s liability is then limited to returning the full amount of the transaction to the customer after verifying the complaint.