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The rules for the perfect gift

As is well known, a gift strengthens relationships and constitutes happiness not only for the one who receives it, but also for the Mahdi, who feels the beauty of the feeling of giving happiness. But this is not enough to make the gift good and appropriate for the other party. There is always a small burden on the gift bearer before such sweet sentiments. Many people face difficulties in choosing gifts, and how many embarrassing situations many people face because of not good gifts, which can embarrass the gift bearer. Finding a really good gift for someone is difficult, especially when you don’t have common interests. But that’s okay, in this article we will remind you of the art of choosing the perfect gifts for everyone.

Psychologists have long admired giving gifts to others, because it is considered a window into many important human traits, such as our view of others, the value of things, decision-making, and our ability to empathize.

Gift selection rules

If you want to give an attractive gift during the festive season, here are 5 key rules to help you choose the perfect gifts:

  • Don’t add a side gift with the main gift.

If you want to add a tie to a brand shirt or add some flowers with a fancy gold gift, don’t do it, because you’re undermining the basic gift.

“Imagine serving a fancy drink, with some plastic drinking glasses, which immediately reduces the value of the gift,” said Daniel Farrelly, professor of psychology at the University of Worcester. Especially since people do not tend to think economically and rationally about such matters.”

  • A gift related to experience is better than a material gift

No doubt the latest iPhone will be out of date someday, but for a dream vacation or seeing your favorite artist at a concert, these experiences will give you memories that will last forever.

“Experiences often create more vivid memories,” Farrelly explains. We may remember the computer that a friend or family member bought us, but not as important as a two-week vacation in Florida and the memories of that trip.”

Emotional attachment is stronger than physical attachment, Farrelly explained, which is why you should consider a gift that creates an experience rather than a material gift.

  • Gift cards are not a bad idea

Although the choice of monetary gifts is common on occasions and in some cultures, it is not suitable for everyone and can be interpreted as laziness or even contempt for the person to whom the gift is given.

So what is the best option? Gift cards that contain a certain amount of money are becoming more and more popular over time.

  • Consider the recipient of your gift.

In a simple way, think about buying the things that the gift recipient is thinking of buying for themselves. Some people tend to give gifts as a way of making fun of, or pointing out something about themselves rather than providing a benefit to the gift recipient.

The easiest way to find out what the person you’re giving the gift to wants is by simply asking, “What do you want?”

  • Spending more on others than on yourself

The last rule is to remember the trait of giving. One study showed that spending money on others boosts happiness. The positive feelings of giving someone a gift they love may last longer than spending money on ourselves.

So, although it is important to take care of yourself, there are benefits to being more giving to those around you